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**We are not taking new consultations at this time. Please check back in the Fall for updates!**

Getting Started

Hello & thank you for your interest in an health consultation with an herbalist from Maypop! Please read on for details about our health consultations. If you decide that you would like to schedule an appointment with us, please contact us on the form below and we will be in touch soon!

Is a Health Consultation Right For You?

When our customers need special time and attention in dealing with issues related to health and well-being, we offer one-on-one herbal consultations. These sessions include an exploration of one’s health history, education about healthy diet and lifestyle choices, and information on the traditional uses of herbs to support health.

In taking you on as a client we are agreeing to take the time to read, research, and consult with other herbalists in order to ensure that you receive the most relevant and helpful information related to your individual health picture. We will work together with you towards your health goals on your own terms, supporting your journey with the utmost respect and commitment.

We encourage our clients to take responsibility for their own health, and our goal is to serve as a resource for those doing so. We love teaching, and use our consultations as opportunities to impart what we have learned (and continue to learn!) about herbs and health.


Our consultations come in the form of a package. This is to encourage consistent commitment and support through at least the first 4 weeks of our clients’ new health changes. The most lasting change is slow and we appreciate being able to see our clients through a stable process.

Cancellation Policy

We require a 24 hour cancellation notice unless there are extenuating circumstances. If we are not notified 24 hours in advance, this will count as a visit. We recognize that everyone’s time & energy is precious & hope that you will too!

Packages and Fees

Payment plans available. *Limited* trades available intermittently but must be worked out with your practitioner ahead of time.


You are welcome to buy any suggested herbs from Maypop at a 20% client discount on recommended herbs from consultation. Alternately we are happy to supply you with the suggested formula(s) for you to obtain elsewhere.

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**We are not taking new consultations at this time. Please check back in the Fall for updates!**

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