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 Websites, Articles and Information:

Jim Mcdonald’s site

Jim McDonald’s incredible online resource. His articles are beautiful and his master herbal article index offers extensive writings by the country’s most respected herbalists.

Medical Herbalism
Medical Herbalism is a journal put together by Paul Bergner and the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. The back issues are searchable on this website.

Henriette’s Herbal Homepage
This site is a wealth of information. Look up any subject and chances are someone has already had a conversation about it on this site. Henriette herself is a very experienced and knowledgeable herbalist and practitioner. Other well respected herbalists also chime in on the conversation pretty often.


– for articles and information:

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine
The legendary herbalist Michael Moore did humanity the favor of loading so much text and photos onto the web. You can find his monographs, manuals, folios, and musings. You can also find many classic texts including Fenner’s Complete Formulary, the US Dispensatory from 1918, writings from King, Scudder, Lloyd, Ellingwood, etc. etc. etc. Check it out.

Northeast School of Botanical Medicine
7Song, director of this school in Ithaca, NY, has an extensive library of handouts and articles on his website. Check out his blog too for stories and lessons about wildcrafting, herb geeking, botanizing, and lots of other random tidbits. 7Song is one of our teachers

Columbines School of Botanical Medicine
This website from Howie Brounstein’s school in Eugene, OR, includes some good articles and information on various topics.

Botanologos School of Herbal Studies

Local or interesting businesses and projects:

Birthmark Doula Collective – Our beloved local doula organization, dedicated to empowering women and advocating for healthy birth options. Their childbirth education class, BellyTalks, is held at several locations around New Orleans, including Maypop.

Dirt Cheap Yoga – A website that simply lists all the affordable yoga classes in New Orleans. Thanks, Bear!

Blue Boy Herbs – Southern Mississippi herbalist, Darrell Martin, hosts classes and teaches in our area frequently.

Hollygrove Market
– Hollygrove Market & Farm is a community based urban farm, produce market, and community garden space located in the Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans.

Zuka Baby – ZukaBaby is a natural parenting boutique located in New Orleans at 2124 Magazine near Jackson Ave. They are the only retail location in Louisiana specializing in cloth diapers, baby slings, nursing bras and natural toys.

New Orleans Food and Farm Network – An organization that works with individuals, organizations, growers and communities to help make fresh, healthy food more accessible.

Libre Wellness Collective – A group of professional practitioners working in collaboration to provide affordable holistic health services in New Orleans.

The Appalachian Center for Health Studies – This school in Arab, Alabama is run by Phyllis D. Light, a friend and mentor to Maypop and an outstanding and well-respected herbalist.

Farmacy – An urban farm, herb shop, and community health center in Providence, Rhode Island.

Third Root Community Health Center
– A true community health center incorporating classes and healers of different modalities working towards community health and social justice.

Rhizome Community Herbal Clinic
– A low cost herbal clinic in Bristol, England, providing high quality care and classes that are accessible to everyone.

Ithaca Free Clinic
– The free clinic in Ithaca offers many modalities of medicine at no charge to the city’s uninsured including herbalism, acupuncture, massage.

Sugar Pill – A great herb store owned by a friend in Seattle.


There are so many! Here are just a few we love:

Herbal Healing for Women
by Rosemary Gladstar
The Way of Herbs
by Michael Tierra
Herbs of Life by Leslie Tierra
The Book of Herbal Wisdom by Matthew Wood
The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism by Matthew Wood
The New Holistic Herbal by David Hoffman
Medical Herbalism by David Hoffman
Medicinal Plants of the Southern Appalachians by Patricia Kyristi Howell
Adaptogens by David Winston and Steven Maimes
The Modern Herbal by Maude Grieves
Women, Hormones, and the Menstrual Cycle by Ruth Trickey
The Male Herbal by James Green
The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook by James Green
The Healing Power of Garlic
by Paul Bergner
Healing Power of Echinacea and Goldenseal and Other Immune System Herbs by Paul Bergner
The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants by Andrew Chevallier

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