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F&V Lighting S80A 28'' Advanced Camera Slider 108060040101/三脚/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー FVSA80Material:Aluminum Alloy
Dimensions:29.5 x 5 x 3.5'' (74.9 x 12.7 x 8.9cm)
Weight:6.3lbs (2.8kg)

・Thicker stronger stainless steel guiderail
・Made of Aluminum Alloy
・Adjustable Terrain Legs
・Offset Mounting Plate
・Multiple Mounting Thread Locations

The F&V Lighting S80A is a 28'' aluminum alloy camera slider that can handle heaver payloads compared to the S80. The S80A camera slider has a full 28'' of linear movement end to end. Built with performance in mind the S80A's carriage sports (4) ultra-smooth bearings making for quiet effortless performance. The S80A slider is the smoothest slider on the market. The S80A's sliding carriage has a 3/8''-16 male thread the standard for mounting tripod heads. The carriage has a locking knob as well as a bubble level.

Adjustable all-terrain legs with rosette-locking joints ensure the S80A stays rigid in form. Set the slider on the ground for low-profile shots on rough jagged surfaces. The legs have threaded feet for fine tuning adjustments ensuring you have a level perfect shot. Two mounting configurations give you the possibility to achieve the perfect shot. Either mount onto a single tripod with the offset mounting plate for ease of use or use the mounting threads on the end-caps for mounting vertically to achieve jib-like movements. Please see below for more specifications on the location of the threads.

The S80A's compact form factor makes it easy to travel between locations. The included carrying case with velcro handles securely holds the slider in place when traveling. Setup and breakdown is effortless just like the S80A's performance. The S80A is a rugged piece of equipment that will bring a professional touch to all of your work. This offset plate has four (4) 1/4''-20 female threads and one (1) 3/8''-16 female thread. The S80A has additional mounting threads on either end of the slider. When the legs are removed the SA80 has (2) 3/8''-16 female threads and (1) 1/4''-20 female thread on the end caps allowing for the slider to be mounted vertically.

F&V Lighting S80A 28'' Advanced Camera Slider 108060040101

89,537円 (税込 96,700 円)